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16750 West State Highway 29

Liberty Hill, TX 78642

Conveniently located just northwest of Austin near Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Burnet.







ASSISTANT TRAINER: (8+ Years of Riding Instruction Experience) 

  • 1 Hour Group Lesson (3-5 riders) $45 per rider

  • 45 Minute Semi-Private Lesson (2 riders) $45 per rider

  • 1/2 Hour Private Lesson $45

  • 45 Minute Private Lesson $55*

  • 1 Hour Private Lesson $65*

CERTIFIED TRAINER: (30+ Years of Riding Instruction Experience, USEA Certified) 

  • 1 Hour Group Lesson (3-4 riders) $50 per rider

  • 45 Minute Semi-Private Lesson (2 riders) $50 per rider

  • 1/2 Hour Private Lesson $50

  • 45 Minute Private Lesson $75*

  • 1 Hour Private Lesson $85*


*Please note that, for the horse's physical safety and soundness, all private jumping lessons are limited to one half hour in length. 


All scheduled riding lessons must be paid in advance. Non-boarders are expected to pay for all riding lessons by the 3rd of the month. Boarders are billed for scheduled riding lessons on a monthly basis.  Please note a scheduled riding lesson is a lesson time slot reserved for that rider, regardless of whether the rider is out of town, ill, or unable to ride. Payment may be made via cash, check, bank transfer, Venmo or PayPal. If lesson payments are not made by the 3rd of the month, a $35 late fee may be assessed. 



A $50 cancellation fee will be charged to any rider that cancels a scheduled lesson for any reason without 24 hours notice, including rider illness or equine injury.  If the rider is a "no show" and gives no cancellation notification, the cancellation fee is $75. Please give ample notice if you must cancel a lesson. If a rider leaves town or must miss lessons, the lesson slot still must be paid in full at the first of the month, and make-up lessons will be scheduled if possible. Please note also that if a rider misses more than 2 scheduled lessons in a row, this is considered relinquishment of the lesson time. Please note that bad weather does not constitute "missing a scheduled lesson," because lessons will be cancelled by the farm if there is bad weather. 


If a rider who boards with CCT must miss lessons due to vacation or must miss more than one lesson due to illness or injury, the boarder will be charged the normal lesson fees, and the horse will be put into training for the number of rides that equals the number of lessons missed, the exception being if the boarder allows CCT to use his or her horse for riding lessons appropriate to the horse's level of training. (Example 1: If two lessons will be missed due to vacation, the horse will receive two training rides, and the boarder will be charged accordingly. Example 2: If the horse owner is out of town for three weeks, the horse is used in lessons for three weeks for riders appropriate for the horse's level of training and experience, and the rider is not charged for missed riding lessons.) 


CCT will make every effort to offer make-up lessons to riders who miss lessons due to weather, illness, horse lameness, or other reasons; however, all make-up lessons will need to be made up within the month the original lesson was scheduled. Lessons not made-up during the month the lesson was scheduled will be forfeited. 


Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your riding lesson to groom and saddle your horse. A $10 tacking fee will be charged for riders who do not arrive in time to tack up for their riding lesson.  


  • Schooling Horse Trial: $200

  • 1 Day Combined Test: $100 

  • USEA Horse Trial: $250

  • 1 Day Dressage Show (USDF, CTDS) $100 

  • 1 Day Hunter Show (TSSA, Centex) $100 

  • Cross-Country Jumping Schooling $100 per rider



 A $100 cancellation fee will be charged to any rider that has submitted a show entry form to a show organizer and cancels within 7 (seven) days of the competition, unless a doctor's note or veterinarian's note is provided to CCT  via email or hard copy.  PLEASE NOTE: A notification of cancellation by a parent does not waive this fee, and this fee will not be waived due to bad weather unless a show organizer cancels the competition.




Show expenses are divided by the number of riders competing. Each rider pays only his/her portion of the total expenses. 

Two day, one night trip, such as a Pine Hill Schooling show:

Two Trainers: $200 (divided by the number of riders competing, i.e., 10 riders = $20 per rider)

One Trainer: $120  (divided by the number of riders competing, i.e., 10 riders = $12 per rider)


Three day, two night trip, such as a USEA Horse Trial at Holly Hill:

Two Trainers:  $320 (divided by the number of riders competing) 

One Trainer:  $200 (divided by the number of riders competing) 



If we are hauling horses, those horse owners will cover my gas through their hauling fees.  If I am not hauling horses and am taking my trailer for lodging, then the amount paid for gas will be added as follows:

Pine Hill, MeadowCreek, San Antonio Rose Palace:  $80

Robin's Nest, Southwest Equestrian Center:  $100

Texas Rose, Willow Draw:  $140

Holly Hill, Feather Creek:  $210


All riders competing with CCT at USEA level shows are required to wear a show coat for the dressage and show jumping phases of competition unless temperatures are above 100 degrees.  At the schooling show level, this requirement only applies to riders competing at Beginner Novice or above. 

  • Button Braids or Lattice Mane - $50

  • French Braid Mane - $25

  • Show Clip - $40 (Ears, fetlocks, bridle path) 

  • Show Bath With Tail Groom & Detangle - $40

  • Tail Groom & Detangle Only - $25

  • Pull Mane - $25 to $40 (Depending on length and thickness) 

  • Mane Pulling Lesson/Assistance - $25

  • Clip Dock & Bang Tail - $20


CERTIFIED TRAINER/PRELIMINARY LEVEL TRAINER: (45 + Years of Riding & Training Experience & USEA Certified or Currently Riding/Competing at Training Level or Above) ​​

  • $50 per session

ASSOCIATE TRAINER: (20 + Years of Riding & Training Experience) ​​

  • $45 per session

  1. Stable hours are 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Mondays through Sundays. 

  2. Riders must pick up all trash, etc in the barn, stable, parking, wash rack and arena areas. 

  3. Riders must pick up all manure in the barn aisles, pathways, wash rack, tacking station, trailer storage area, barn area, and parking lot. In order to ensure the arena footing is well-maintained, please pick up all manure in the arena.  Please only dump manure in muck buckets or the manure pile. 

  4. Riders are expected to clean up and sweep up the tacking area and wash rack, including mud, after use.  Any debris from hooves or horse hair in either the tacking station or wash rack must be swept up and deposited into a muck bucket. The wash rack hoses are to be coiled neatly and put away after use. 

  5. All tack and equipment should be put away where it belongs so that it will not be lost or misplaced.

  6. All tack, equipment, and personal belongings stored at CCT must be clearly labeled with the rider’s or horse’s name. 

  7. Due to limited space, large tack trunks are not allowed in the CCT tack room.

  8. While petting horses is encouraged, please do so with caution. Please do not handle a horse without permission from its owner.

  9. The driveway speed limit is 5 m.p.h.

  10. We believe horses deserve respect, patience, and love.  We do not allow whipping a horse excessively, tying a horse for more than an hour,  putting a horse away before he or she is properly cooled down, galloping or jumping an over-tired horse, or denying a horse necessary food, water, shoeing, or medical treatment. Riding will not be permitted if the temperature sinks below 35 degrees or is in excess of 105 degrees.

  11. In keeping with helmet rules enacted by the USEF, USDF, and USEA, ASTM approved helmets must be worn by all riders while mounted.  Riders must wear appropriate riding attire, including long pants and boots or shoes with a heel, while mounted.  Riding in shorts, tennis shoes, or open-toed footwear is unsafe and therefore not permitted.   

  12. Flip-flops, sandals, or open-toed shoes of any kind are not allowed in the barn, tacking area, parking lot, trailer storage areas, turn-out paddocks, or arena areas. 

  13. For the riders’ safety as well as the soundness of the horses, jumping outside of lessons is not permitted unless special arrangements have been made with Vanessa Conner. There are no exceptions to this rule. 

  14. Our training philosophy is based on classical dressage, and we prefer that our riders adhere to its principals.  As a result, please do not use draw-reins, tie-downs, standing martingales, chambons, German martingales or other restrictive equipment on any horse boarded at CCT.  Any rider found using any of these devices will be asked to remove them.

  15. Lunging of horses in the arena while others are riding is not permitted.

  16. Please park in designated areas only. 

  17. In case of emergency, please contact us via cell phone or text if we are needed at the barn. 

  18. For their safety and the safety of our riders and horses, please supervise all children at all times. 

  19. Horses that are tied should be supervised for their safety and that of the people in the barn. Please do not leave tied horses unattended. 

  20. For the safety of riders, horses, and the dogs themselves, dogs must be on a leash at all times while visiting CCT.  Please do not bring a dog to the stable if the dog is not used to horses, children, or other pets, or if the dog barks or lunges at anyone, including other animals.  Please pick up after your dog if your dog makes a mess.

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