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16750 West State Highway 29

Liberty Hill, TX 78642

Conveniently located just northwest of Austin near Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Burnet.






Vanessa J. Conner
Kaitlyn Conner & Dancing In The Rain

Vanessa Conner, USEA Certified Trainer and Riding Instructor

Vanessa is a United States Eventing Association (USEA) certified riding instructor who has enjoyed the friendship of horses since 1970 and has been a professional trainer and riding coach in the Austin area since 1989. Her positive, supportive, and enthusiastic teaching style helps build confidence while learning important skills enabling riders to progress in mastering proper balance, communication, and position while on a horse.  CCT's family atmosphere is based on Vanessa's philosophy that riding should be fun and help build a positive self-image.  Her riding program emphasizes a team atmosphere in which older riders mentor younger ones, and everyone works together to help and support one another. In all we do, CCT's family of riders is a cooperative learning community.  Over the years, Vanessa has produced many local and regional champions, as well as international (FEI 2*) level riders, but her lesson program is really about having fun while spending time outdoors with horses.  She specializes in teaching children and young adult (teen) riders, in the disciplines of dressage, eventing, and jumping, but adult riders are always welcome!  Vanessa is available for riding lessons, off-site cross-country and dressage clinics, horse show coaching, and horse training.  As a Texas Certified Educator, Vanessa offers middle and high school physical education credit for school-aged riders in the Austin, Leander and Round Rock school districts.  

Kaitlyn Conner, Trainer, Riding Instructor and Manager

Kaitlyn Conner has been riding horses since before she was born and joined her family's riding business as an Assistant Trainer in 2012.  Like her mother, Kaitlyn subscribes to a teaching philosophy of  positive-reinforcement and enthusiasm.  She is an excellent role model and coach for our riders, and she loves working with people of all ages, including adults. She is an outgoing and energetic instructor who is patient and kind. Kaitlyn's riding resume includes multiple qualifications in both USEA Area V Championships and the American Eventing Championships, and she has won GHCTA Year-End Championship Awards and Central Texas Dressage Society Year-End Championships.  She has trained many horses through the Preliminary level in eventing and second level in dressage. Kaitlyn is the farm's primary horse trainer and works with our horses and riders full time. 

Gretchen Fuchs, Trainer and 
Coordinator, CCT Pre-Eventer Program

Gretchen brings an incredible enthusiasm and zest to all of her lessons, and she is extremely beloved by her students.  With more than 30 years of teaching experience, Gretchen brings a wealth of knowledge to our Pre-Eventer Program. (PEP for short.)  Gretchen specializes in teaching inexperienced riders the skills they need to continue on into our eventing competition program.  She has more than sixty years of riding under her belt in the disciplines of dressage, western horsemanship, western trail, and 4-H riding. Gretchen's early years were spent working with her family's Quarter Horses, and later in life, she became interested in dressage and jumping.  An avid horsewoman, Gretchen is an all-around riding expert who prepares riders for any discipline. She not only educates riders in the arena, she also hauls them out to trail rides in local parks.  All inexperienced riders who come to CCT start their riding journey with Gretchen. Her positive attitude is an inspiration to all who know her. 

In Memorium

Patrick Conner and Fly The W

Patrick Conner March 16, 1969 - April 27, 2021

Patrick lived and worked with horses his entire life, having grown up on his family's small horse ranch in Lockhart, Texas.  A true "horse whisperer,"  Patrick trained our horses and riders in ground manners, safe trailer loading skills, lunging, and basic trust. Due to his in-depth knowledge of horse behavior, he had great success in helping both horses and riders create loving, trusting, safe relationships. His training philosophy emphasized using the horse’s natural instincts to guide the training process.  Through trust, kindness, respect, and patience, he helped riders who were having difficulties with horses on the ground,  (such as tying, loading, or bathing,) or he simply solidified training under saddle by helping create a stronger, more respectful relationship between horse and rider.  He also supervised CCT farm's breeding program, farrier and vet schedule, and feeding program. Although he  worked in the American Quarter Horse breeding industry in the areas of reining and cutting, he trained horses of all ages and breeds.  In addition, Patrick was a full-time 9-1-1 service EMT Paramedic, and had more than 25 years of experience in emergency medicine. Patrick died as the result of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, (ALS,) in April of 2021. Patrick is missed by all who knew him. 

Here's what our customers say about Conner Combined Training...

"Hands down, Vanessa and CCT are amazing!  We have only been riding for a little over a year and with the level of training Vanessa provides, along with all of the positive reinforcement and encouragement,  Kennedy has excelled in her riding as well as personal growth.  CCT is like our second home and we consider everyone family." --M. Cash

"CCT is an excellent training facility. Vanessa knows how to teach the students based on their unique learning styles. She and Patrick are very dedicated to the safety and health of both their riders and horses." --M. Scamardo

"This place has been a savior for my girls and myself! CCT has been the one constant, safe place we could all call home through all of life's changes, hurdles, and fears. Thank you from my whole heart CCT!" --L. Joiner

"We came to CCT from another stable - and while our experience there was not negative, CCT immediately set a new standard for us in terms of what a riding school should be. My kiddo has been encouraged and supported into feeling confident as she progresses. The cost is more than reasonable for the quality of the lessons. All of the instructors are so invested in the growth of the people and the horses alike. Thank you, CCT, for creating a home where skills, hearts and minds can develop!"  --J. Earley

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